3 things I’m guilty of as a writer

Yup, it’s time 3 for Thursday time.

1) I write “insert ____here” way too often. “insert funny line here” “insert violence here” “insert sex here”

2) I get stuck on certain letters when naming characters. If I’m not careful I’ll end up with a Michael, Maggie, Mark, Mario, Mary, Melissa, Monica, and a Morgan all in the same chapter.

3) I lose track of time. I’m not talking about losing time because I’m writing in flow (this is a very good thing imho). I’m talking about the fact I can’t keep track of timelines within my novels.

So what about you — what are you guilty of as a writer? Or a reader? (I once knew a mystery reader who always read the last chapter of a book first!)

And don’t forget to join the discussion about Dark Themes in YA over at Killer Chicks!


11 thoughts on “3 things I’m guilty of as a writer

  1. Kate Perry says:

    I’m adverbally challenged. Also, my characters “frown” too much. They must just be an unhappy bunch.

  2. That losing time thing – I do that too. I am continually going back to check details like that. I also sometimes forget a decision I’ve made earlier. For example, in my current wip one of my mc’s reveals a secret to her best friend. I forgot she did that and proceeded to write as if she was still keeping the secret. I was really surprised when I looked back. Sometimes I think writing in “the zone” is more like writing in a stupor.

  3. Jenny says:

    I suck at titles.

    I suck at naming my characters (hello, phone book).

    I use “but”, “so”, “well”, and “anyway” WAY too much in dialogue.

    I always always write too much backstory, 95% of which I have to cut in revisions.

  4. RunningCompany says:

    Hi Killer Chicks! Congrats on your website….it is truly spectacular. The video is great.
    Big reader fan, the only writing I do is notes to teachers, recipes, write in a personal journal and write in cards ALOT. (since I have alot to say sometimes!) 🙂
    As a reader I am guilty of reading too many books at the same time. 1.)running/training book ( which I have been sadly remiss in doing both lately)
    2.) read a great read like thrillers now that JB Lynn as turned me on too.
    3.)Finally I’ll have a bedside read ..like right now, I am reading the 1,000 page World Without End…it takes alot to read that type of book , I enjoy it but its like a labor of love.
    oh and I will add one more to your Three for Thurs. and make it a Four For!
    I have been known to start and stop many books or forget that I read the darn book in the first place! So basically my mind is a melting pot!!

    • jblynn says:

      Thanks Running! World Without End seems too heavy to hold in bed. 😉

      I start and stop books too. Someone recently blogged about forgetting they’d read a book recently. Trying to rememer who….

  5. I do the naming thing too – I’m fond of J names. My big problem is I start strong then I tend to get muddled – so I have a lot of great novel beginnings that never got finished.

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