3 for Thursday — Things I lose

No, I’m not listing “my mind” as one of them. (That’s a given!)

My coffee cup — Sometimes when I get stuck when writing, I like to pace. I tend to bring my coffee cup with me. I then put it down and can’t remember where I left it.

My phone — Oddest place I’ve found my house phone? In the freezer. Second oddest? In the crisper bin of the fridge.

My ipod — Instead of just turning off my ipod in the speaker base where it’s playing, I yank it out when my phone rings. Then I walk around while talking on the phone and leave the ipod in random spots.

So tell me, what are you always losing?

Are you a fan of The Bard? Today’s Killer Chick post is: Shakespeare Master of Dark Fiction!


6 thoughts on “3 for Thursday — Things I lose

  1. Joann says:

    I’ve left my iPhone at two different businesses lately. Not good. I also lose the baseball cap I wear to cover my lack of hairstyle on the weekends quite frequently. Very frustrating.

  2. I’m always misplacing my car keys. Usually they’re in the bowels of my purse, but they disappear and I have to root around in the bottom in a panic thinking I lost them.

    • jblynn says:

      Bernadette — Ugh! I hate that panic. I’ll be rooting around muttering, “I know I put them in here. I know it.” but in the back of my mind there’s this rising swell of panic that I didn’t and that the keys are lost forever.

      Thanks for stopping by! 😉

  3. Jenny says:

    My glasses — I need them for watching TV and night driving and they’re never where I think I left them.

    Interesting how your phone always ends up in your fridge!

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